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Kratom Powder: Quick FAQs

Which Strain Should I Choose?

First, decide what kind of effects you’re looking for and let it guide your choice of which kratom powder to use. Are you looking for energy or mental alertness? Relaxation? A mood boost? For most kratom drinkers, white vein gives a unique energy boost, green offers a feeling of mild euphoria and red vein is great for relaxing and is also used by some for its pain-killing attributes. 

Mixing the veins is quite popular as well. So if you want a little euphoria and a little relaxation, combine green and red — or you can try yellow kratom which offers similar effects. Mix and match and decide on which type or combo works best for you.

How Much?

Dosage certainly varies among kratom tea drinkers, but it’s always best to start small. A recommended starting point is to mix one teaspoon or less of kratom powder with orange juice or water to see how it feels. You may not feel any effects with such a small dose, but it can give you the chance to see if you experience any negative effects such as dizziness or nausea. If all goes well, you can try two teaspoons.

How Long Until the Effects of Kratom Kick In?

Some people say they can feel the effects of kratom within minutes, but for others, it can take up to an hour (especially if you’ve got a full stomach). Consuming kratom on an empty stomach will typically speed up the process.

How Long Will Effects Last?

The duration of kratom effects varies depending on the dose and whether or not you take it on an empty stomach, but in general, the effects can be felt for a few hours and some people have reported up to 6 hours or more.

Should I Skip Days?

In order to keep your tolerance low and avoid any potential withdrawal symptoms, it’s advisable to take kratom every other day rather than every day. Or if you take it a few days in a row, give yourself a few days off. It’s also good to allow several hours to pass after the effects wear off from the first dose before you take another dose.

What Are Some Natural Kratom Potentiators?

A few potentiators include grapefruit or lemon juice, cinnamon, turmeric or chamomile tea (but keep in mind that chamomile has relaxing or sedating qualities).

Stay Hydrated!

While it’s always advisable to stay hydrated, it’s especially important while drinking kratom tea as it can be dehydrating.

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