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Kratom Tea & Its Growing Community

What Is a Kratom Tea/Kava Bar?

If you’re researching kratom, you’ve likely heard of kava bars, those botanical alternatives to
alcohol-serving bars where everyone shouts Bula! At nearly all kava bars, you can get a cup of
kratom tea, as these two drinks are commonly sold alongside each other. Currently, there are
about 100 kratom/ kava bars in the U.S. with the highest concentrations in Florida (especially
the St. Petersburg area), New York, and California.

These extremely popular alternatives to alcohol bars have been popping up all over the United
States each year and for good reason: They allow people to mingle and relax while remaining
completely sober. And as a natural extension, many of these bars have sprouted friendly
communities of like-minded people.

For many, the mood-boosting and stress-reducing effects of kratom are quite conducive to
social interaction without all the messiness and regrets of alcohol. This comes as no surprise,
as the rural folk in Southeast Asia have used kratom in social and religious gatherings for

Kratom tea/kava bars are typically set up like alcohol bars, but instead of beer and hard liquor, you
are given a wide variety of botanical teas, kava concoctions, and coffee drinks that won’t leave
you with a painful hangover in the morning. Most likely, you can have your choice of either white
(stimulating), green (mildly euphoric), or red (relaxing) kratom. Many of these bars open early
and don’t close until late at night.

1. Work Stations

Rarely do you see people working at alcohol bars, but kratom/ kava bars are perfect spots for
college students, entrepreneurs and telecommuters to get some work done. Upon visiting, you
would likely notice several people stationed for hours on their laptops.

2. Play

Not only do people come to kratom/ kava bars to get their work or school report done, but many
come to play. These bars frequently host musicians, karaoke, Smash tournaments and trivia
nights. All types of artists, both visual and performing, can be found doing their own thing as

3. Celebrating Sober Life

With the rise of chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease,
liver disease, and digestive problems — all complications linked to alcohol misuse — many
people are opting to cut back on drinking and are looking for alternatives.
For many, once they try kratom tea, they realize it’s possible to reduce their stress levels while
completely avoiding the mental and physical effects of being drunk. Not only that, but many say
that kratom helps them feel both relaxed and energized all at once.

kratom tea community

4. Online Community

If you don’t have a kava/ kratom bar in your local area, you can easily find a kratom forum
community online, such as the one on Reddit. Here people discuss kratom news, dosages,
“recipes” and their overall experiences.

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