How Kratom Tea Can Support the Sober Lifestyle

How Kratom Tea Can Support the Sober Lifestyle

How Kratom Tea Can Support the Sober Lifestyle

Different Strokes for Different Folks

If you were to walk into a kratom/ kava bar, you’d likely meet a variety of people with different reasons for drinking kratom tea. Some simply like the effects and drink it only occasionally. Others, upon discovering the tea, may have realized the benefits of living a sober life while still being able to enjoy the relaxation and social benefits of an alcohol-serving bar. Many of these people have even given up alcohol or other substances at some point in their lives and are on the challenging but extremely rewarding journey of sobriety. Why does kratom align with a sober mindset?

Sober Life

As obesity and chronic health conditions continue to rise in the U.S., many people are opting for a healthier way of living. Along with clean eating and exercise, many have chosen to give up alcohol and other substances that can either pack on the calories or make anyone feel like garbage the next day. But it’s no secret that it can be hard to give up that nightly drink or lifestyle. This is where kratom tea, and even kratom/ kava bars, can fit nicely into the sober way of life. Whether you’re looking for something to help you wind down at the end of the day, or if you simply need a morning energy boost, there’s a tea for you.

How Kratom Tea Can Support the Sober Lifestyle: Daytime

When was the last time you had a huge list of things to do but you just couldn’t muster up the mental or physical energy to get everything accomplished? It happens to all of us, and particularly to those of us who turn to alcohol or other substances to self-medicate for various reasons. Alcohol is a depressant that can drain the energy right out of you, particularly as it’s wearing off. For many, choosing to forego alcohol in the evening and live a sober life gives them a lot more maintainable energy during the daytime.

Kratom tea drinkers who are looking for an extra energy boost during the day often turn to white vein kratom. Similar to coffee, it can help people get up and go without having to pay dearly for the effects later. Many people even use it before going to the gym and find it gives them the energy boost they’re looking for. 

Some kratom drinkers will use white kratom to make a tea in the morning as a pick up or even right before working out for an extra boost. They will start with a small, measured amount, and if needed, add more until they get the desired effect.

How Kratom Tea Can Support the Sober Lifestyle: Evening/ Night

You’re home from work and all you want to do is wind down and relax. For many kratom tea drinkers, the red vein is a great replacement for that glass of red wine or beer. The calming effects of red kratom can be felt throughout the body, and as a huge bonus, you’ll still have mental clarity! Yep, you can relax without feeling groggy or drunk. That’s the beauty of red kratom tea. And on top of this, red kratom is used by many people with sore muscles and other types of physical pain. Like white, start with a small amount until you reach the desired effects.

Those Moments In Between

If you’re not specifically looking for daytime energy and don’t want anything too relaxing, you may opt for green kratom tea. It’s considered a little bit of both. Many say it has a unique feeling of mild euphoria. Again, start with a small amount and work up to your desired effects.

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